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Stress-free bride

Getting ready for the big day can be extremely hectic. But the fact is, looking your very best on your big day involves more than the perfect dress and a good makeup artist. Ask any recent bride and she’ll tell you it’s looking and feeling stress-free. The key is to expect the stress and know how to deal with it throughout the months of planning time. Here are some ideas to help you be stress-free:

Get plenty of rest

Anxiety leads to insomnia. Stick to a schedule by keeping your biological clock in sync. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day—even on weekends and holidays. Making up for lost sleep by “sleeping in” isn’t the answer. Also, a good exercise routine guarantees a good night’s rest. Regularly scheduled workouts reduce stress and ease tension, so sleeping will be easier.

Breathing Exercises When Needed

Deep breathing can help you achieve a state of profound rest. It’s very useful at some of those extremely stressful moments. Try a yoga class. Considered by many experts as the ultimate in stress relief, it is beneficial for mind body—and spirit. Then take a few moments to do some deep breathing when feeling tense. This will help create a sense of calm.

Take Bubble Baths to Relax

Minimizing stress can be as easy as setting aside half an hour every day to decompress. Fill your bathtub with water, add some bubbles or bath salts, light some candles and turn on some calming music to soak away your tensions.

Imagine You’ll Have a Perfect Wedding

Rather than picturing relatives fighting at your reception or even your ex-boyfriend crashing the wedding, try to imagine the best of what your wedding can be. See everything going well—the gorgeous flowers you selected months ago, and seeing yourself in your first dance with your new husband. If anxious moments suddenly creep in, simply visualize a peaceful setting like the calm ocean and you’ll soon find yourself with a smiling face

In Really Stressful Moments, Chill by Enjoying a Good Laugh

Scientists say that laughter kicks in the body’s feel-good hormones. In those really stressful moments, you know that simply sharing a good laugh with people close to you can simply make you feel better. Rent a comedy DVD movie or go to a comedy club. Spend time with loved ones who always make you feel good. Laughter is—and always will be—the best stress remedy.

Give Yourself a Time Out

Some brides get so caught up in their wedding that they go overboard with the planning process. Maintain balance in your life. Remember that you are not only a bride-to-be, but a daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, etc. Keep that in perspective and remain present for the other areas of your life. Try to avoid too much “wedding talk” during social outings.