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Pines ManorIt’s a real complicated issue. To some, it may sound trivial. But can I ask my fiancé for a different ring? Not getting your dream engagement ring is a big deal for a lot of brides. It’s jewelry you wear every day. If you wanted a platinum ring and your fiancé bought you one in white gold, can you ask him to reset it?

Here’s how some wedding etiquette experts weigh in on the issue. No matter how you look at it, bringing this up to your fiancé is sort of insulting him. Having your ring reset is a huge expense. Platinum typically costs twice what white gold costs, so you’re probably talking at least a couple thousand dollars to re-set. You have to respect the fact that your future husband was smart to buy only the ring he could afford. The best thing to do without hurting your future husband’s feelings is get the ring dipped. If you have to get your ring dipped every 6 months to a year that may be an option for you. Platinum can be very expensive and maybe it was not in the budget for him at the time.